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the story


Croak – Country- & Southern Rock – fresh,

highest quality, honest


Started as a quartet in shady bars and pubs in the year of the Mayan apocalypse, the idea was to bring more fun into life of mankind – and the own self. Caused by a miscalculation of the indigenous Central Americans the tour plan and mission meanwhile grew a lot bigger. Repertoire and staff got added and through a lot of sweat, blood and tears, but also joy in playing and entertaining mankind together, the fan base and stage sizes became continuously bigger and bigger.


However, the goal of the boys always remained the same: «Bringing quality time and cool sounds, combined with a good sense of humour, into everyones’ everyday life, which usually is seriously enough anyways.»


This is Croak: Remo Weidmann (Vocals),
Patrick Schmuki (Guitar, Backing-Vocals),

Felix Burkhalter (Guitar), Marcel Lienert (Drums, Percussion) and Jérôme Schmuki (E-/Standup-Bass, Backing-Vocals), which completely committed their formation to the American Country- & Southern Rock. With their covers and reinterpretations of classic hits they are nationally known as the best looking band of the whole genre. 


Interested in a show full of energy, hot sounds and great mood?

We are definitely looking forward meeting you all!


From Croak with Love


Jérôme Schmuki


Marcel Lienert


Remo Weidmann


Felix Burkhalter


Patrick Schmuki

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